Custom Artwork Help and Guidlines

Custom Artwork Help and Guidlines


The artwork you upload represents our company as well as yours.  Here are some guidelines to consider when you have your graphics art department create your artwork.  If you do not follow our guidelines we are NOT responsible for your prints. 


All artwork MUST be in a  vector artwork format.  Below are the programs we suggest using when creating artwork. 


CorelDRAWX6 and Adobe Illustrator CS6 are the two programs we have.    If you are just starting out and can't afford the newest versions we will accept artwork that was created in previous versions of the suggested software.  You can also now download Coreldraw and Adobe monthly if you are just starting out.


If your file ends with jpeg, bmp, gif, or psd this is not vector artwork and your file will need to be redone.  If you import a photo file (jpeg, bmp, etc) into a vector program it is still a photographic piece of artwork and we will not be able to use your artwork.  This will result in us canceling your online order and refunding your payment.    Even though an SVG file is a vector file we experience a lot of problems opening SVG files into Corel & Adobe.  The freeware graphic files do not always open/import correctly.  We highly suggest downloading Coreldraw or Adobe Illustrator on a monthly basis if you can't afford to buy the entire software.

If you are using Adobe Photoshop please click here to see how to convert your layers to a vector piece of artwork. 


When you upload your artwork please have it the correct size.  10x12 and 13x14.5 is the image area size.  This is a size for you to determine the price of your prints.

FONTS: Try to use at least a 12pt font or larger.  Tiny fonts will not print properly with transfers. Plastisol ink will spread a little when you press the transfer.  If you have really small fonts the line of text can become illegible.  

CONVERT YOUR FONTS TO CURVES OR OUTLINES:  If you are using a font in your design it is very important that you do this.  If you are using a font that we do not have installed in our font library your artwork will not open properly.  The graphic program will substitute your font with a font we have installed in our library.  Converting your fonts to curves or outlines will convert your ttf font to a line piece of artwork.

USING CORELDRAW Please select all fonts.  Go to "Arrange" that is located at the top menu bar.  In the arrange section click "Convert to Curves"

USING ADOBE:  Please select all fonts.  Go to "Type" that is located at the top menu bar.  Click "Create to Outlines" 

LINES: Try to use bold lines whenever possible.  Thin lines do not wash out well when we burn the screen.  Below is a guideline for the thickness of the lines we suggest.  We will not guarantee any transfers that have tiny lines.  We do our best, but if you use a line under 2pt we will not promise those lines will be on your finished product.  We will not offer a refund if you are not happy with the transfers if you do not follow our instructions.




SPOT ARTWORK:  We prefer you use Pantone Solid Coated Colors.  All graphics programs have a pantone color chart.  We can convert RGB & CMYK colors in house.  However if you have more than 30 RGB or CMYK colors this could result in a cancel of your online order and additional art fee.  We will contact you if this happens.  So if your artist uses CMYK or RGB coloring please tell them to make sure each percentage is used for the same like color in the design.  We have to be able to print out each individual color in your artwork for the screen printing process.

It is also a good idea to have your artist create your design using the same pantone color that matches the ink color we will print.  Our ink color chart has all pantone numbers listed below the name.  When you create your artwork in the correct pantone colors it eliminates color conversion errors.   For example if you have a design that is Royal and Brite Blue and you created the artwork using CMYK colors we have no way of knowing which color of blue is which.  If you used Pantone 288 and Pantone 299 in your design we can easily determine the ink colors for your design.



WHEN USING WHITE INK: Make sure the colors in your design are represented clearly.  This helps our printers clearly see the colors they are printing.  It also is a way for your artist to make sure the artwork is not missing any colors.  When using white ink in a design make sure to use a back ground color so white is visible. We print out each color to film directly from your artwork.  If thecolor isn't in your artwork it will not be on your transfer.  Do not worry about us printing the background color.  We will only screen print the colors you choose online when placing your order.  

Below is an example of how to submit artwork that has white ink.  You will notice if we print out Example A as a color copy our printers can not see where white is supposed to print on your transfers.  Example B clearly shows where white ink is to be printed on your transfers.  It only takes a second to draw a box around the entire logo, make it a different color, and arrange to the back of your design. 

NO ARTIST? We can create artwork for you.  Artwork is $30.00 per hour.  You will have to call us and set up an account with your credit card information.  You will need to send an email to and let us know what you need.  We will email you a price quote within 48 hours.  Once you give us the approval to start the artwork we will charge your credit card.  Please allow 3 business days to email you back your artwork. We will email you a jpeg copy for your viewing.  Any additional changes can result in additional fees.  However we will never charge your credit card without informing you of the additional charges.